Glenwood Springs in Colorado is situated at the point of two rivers, Colorado River and Roaring Fork River. It brings together the Valley of Roaring Fork and some of the town located near Colorado River. Glenwood is famous for hot springs which is why it’s the most famous tourist destination. The Glenwood Adventure Park, mountains, valleys, trees, and wildlife makes it the most historic place full of surprises.

Glenwood Springs has mountains and valleys which make its weather unpredictable. Often people feel that going in rainy season or winter might not be safe. However, Glenwood Springs is an all-year vacation spot. Any time of the year you can soak your body in hot spring bath. All year resorts and hotels provide with pool and spa. There are activities related to every season which you can combine with your spa and bath to make your trip more exciting.

Affordable Inns Hotel in Glenwood Springs, CO provides the best service of spa, hot spring pool along with outdoor activities. Their complete package is reasonable because it include food, lodge, and tour package as well. However, you can customize it and just keep it confined to food and lodge as per your need. All amenities and friendly staff make your stay memorable.

Here is a detail explanation about every season and how it can make your vacation memorable –

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter


Spring starts from March to May when you can experience humidity and slight rise in temperature, but not much. At nights the weather can become cold. Spring is best time because rain is hardly seen and due to humidity precipitation is high. However, you will also see greenery and blooming flowers all over the area.


Summer is from June till August with comfortable dry weather with high temperature. However, since you’re within natural environment, therefore you can also experience cool breeze due to dense forests. This season is the hectic season for Glenwood Springs, thus book your flights and hotel beforehand.


Glenwood Springs experience fall from September to November. This means it will be chilly due to dense forests, valleys, springs waterfalls, humidity, and wind. Tourism is less these days due to rain and sometimes snowfall. Hotels may be affordable at this time, but you will still have crowd.


This is the coldest season of all the above mentioned. Starting from December to February, it experiences rain along with snowfall twice a month. Even if it is cold, tourists do come for skiing and hiking and enjoy hot spring bath.

Therefore, all year the destination is in demand. It doesn’t matter which month you arrive, Glenwood Springs has something for you in the package.

Isla Jared